Shawn Mullins in Portland, OR

Shawn Mullins - KINK FM Live 9 - CD Release Party Pioneer Courthouse Square - Portland, OR - September 9, 2006

Last Saturday, September 9th, I performed a free concert with Shawn Mullins in Portland, Oregon in celebration of the newly released KINK FM Live 9 CD. This was the first time I had played with Shawn in over seven years. The concert was held at the Pioneer Courthouse Square located in downtown Portland. Shawn has spent the last few months traveling around the US promoting his latest CD on Vanguard Records, 9th Ward Picking Parlor. I have heard that the second single (to be released this fall) is a track called “Blue As You,” written by Shawn and Pete Droge, which I recorded vibraphone on earlier this year.

This past summer I kept myself busy doing a few shows with the BoDeans in Wisconsin and Illinois, and with Kristin MarkitonCoy Bowles and the FellowshipKingsized and Tongo Hiti in and around Atlanta. Kristin’s performance on TBS Storyline, which originally aired on August 12th, can be viewed online here.

Kristin Markiton – TBS Storyline


Coy Bowles –
Into the Distance


Ellis Paul – Essentials


This fall I will be doing some shows with Delta Moon at a few blues festivals in North Carolina, and some more shows with Kristin Markiton, The Drexlers, and others around Atlanta. Coy Bowles will be performing on a show at the Northside Tavern in Atlanta on September 29th to celebrate the release of his debut CD Into the Distance, which I played drums and vibraphone on. Finally, Ellis Paul is releasing a 2 disc retrospective entitled Essentials on October 10th. The second disc contains a few tracks that I had recorded with him, including the version of “Sweet Mistakes” featured in the Farrelly Brother’s film “Shallow Hall” (which, I’ve been told, stars my identical twin brother, Jack Black….).