John Driskell Hopkins & Atlanta Pops Orchestra - In The Spirit: A Celebration of the Holidays
The Sundogs: Cut & Run
Boxtop Jenkins - You're Happier When You're Happy
Eliot Bronson - Milwaukee
Andrew Hyra - Curios
Nic Cowan - Hardheaded
Zac Brown Band - Pass The Jar
Rebecca Loebe - Bees and Zombies! (B-Sides EP)
Ben Wakeman - I'm Just the Same as I Was
The Brilliant Inventions - Have You Changed
Nathan Beaver - Universal You
Tyler Reeve - Whiskey Down
Art Edwards - Songs From Memory
Jon Allmett - Some Trees Grow Bananas
Corey Smith - Hard Headed Fool
Kristin Markiton - Wandering Moon
Evan McHugh - From the Second Chair
Coy Bowles & The Fellowship
BoDeans - Resolution
Ellis Paul - Essentials
The Sundogs
BoDeans 2003 5-Song EP
The Essential Shawn Mullins
Michael Levine
John Allmett - Nowhere Is Too Far
Aware Greatest Hits
Shallow Hal
Tift Merritt
Garrison Field - Dawn
Platinum Hits 2000
Ellis Paul
Aware 6
Shawn Mullins - Soul's Core
Chuck Brodsky
1999 Grammys
Scott Munns
Andrew Hyra
Poor Little Fools
Beth Wood
Soul's Core
Huckleberry Jam 30th Anniversary
Billy Pilgrim - 9.23.00
Billy Pilgrim - beSides
FUNk of Flattus
Adam Dorfman
Tim Reis - Barney
Root Awakening


Vibraphone & Percussion

Khari Cabral - Clementine Sun
Kris Dale - Bathysphere
Kris Dale - Cinema Belvedere
Sonia Leigh - 1978 December
David Labruyere - Farrago Dance Mix
Brent Cash - How Strange It Seems
Shawn Mullins - 9th Ward Pickin' Parlor
South 70 - Two Lane Road
Ben Mize
Johnny Socko
Live From Bloomington - 1996
Jan Krist