30A, Allgood, Tongo Hiti & Podcast Vibes

The Sundogs at AJs - 30A Songwriters Festival, January 2019 (painting by Robby Amonett)

The Sundogs returned to the 30A Songwriters Festival back in January, performing our own set of music as well as a set of our Tom Petty Tribute. We had The War and Treaty, Bradley Cole Smith, John Driskell Hopkins, Mike Rizzi, and others sit in for the Heartbreakers set (painting by Robby Amonett). I also played drums this year at shows with Mike Rizzi, Allgood Music Company, The Core, and the Atlanta Pops Orchestra. And I broke out the vibes for a Tongi Hiti reunion at Trader Vic’s in downtown Atlanta for Dragon Con, as well as a recording for the Oregon Murder podcast produced by iHeartRadio.